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About Us

"We are here through hard work, perseverance and our faith in God."  ~ Kevin and Emelie Andagan


The Yemaya Salsa Dance Company and its' studio is a family owned business.   We have been serving the Sacramento community  since 2000.  

Our Story

The Yemaya Salsa Dance Company was incorporated in 2004 with a mission to promote and educate through dance.  We began in October of 2000 as a small dance troupe practicing in garages and has since then grown into a dance academy with a curriculum aimed specifically for growing professional and proficient dancers.

Our studio offers a warm, supportive, family based atmosphere that we call home.  We provide a place for people with different interests, background and ages to come together with the common goal to achieve excellence in our dancing and in strengthening comradery amongst each other.  Our motto is, "Be Kind, Be Positive, Be Diligent" and it speaks in volume of how we run our academy and studio. 

Our instructors provide dance training for members of all levels.  We emphasize Honor, Loyalty and Integrity in our everyday workings of the company and studio.  Our behaviors define our level of respect for each other.   We aim to strengthen our members' skills and techniques in performances and competitions, which in turn, makes for better social dancers.  Our goal is not just to share our passion of dance but to help the community grow and produce great dancers.

Meet The Team

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