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As of November 2023, and after 20+ years of serving the Sacramento community, the Yemaya Dance Company will only be offering dance training to our company and registered studio members only. 

There will be no general public classes available.

We are excited to announce that company and studio members will still be able to continue their dance journey with our new format.  We are grateful for our current members and students who are dedicated and committed to learning and training with us and we look forward to our future dancers.

We are shifting our focus to YOU, the dancer.  Our training will be intense and person-centered and will provide more individualized instruction.  Challenge yourself and be more than just average.  If you are serous about taking your dancing to a higher level then come join us.

As our member, you will learn more than just patterns and footwork.  Our training will be closed to the general public, but our doors will always be open.  Take this opportunity to learn from the best in the community.

Steps to Becoming a Member:

Thank for your interest in becoming a member of Yemaya Salsa Dance Company.  We are excited for this opportunity to share with you our passion for salsa and bachata dancing .  Please let us know if there are any questions or concerns regarding this process and we would gladly help the best we can.  


Please click the button to fill out the membership request form.  There's no need to wait for a reply before going to the next step of setting an in person appointment.


Please fill out the appointment form so we can set a date to meet and go over the school's curriculum with you.  Appointments for membership request has to be in person.  You will meet with one or both of the directors.

Comprehensive Plan

Once the goal has been established and the membership type chosen, we can start a plan that will best suit you in achieving that goal.  A schedule will be provided for you along with a list of dance necessities .

Meet the Team

Congratulations on the start of your journey in dance with Yemaya!  We are excited and look forward to what the future of dance has for you!

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