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Dress Code

Dress code includes footwear, clothing and hair style requirements.  Please read through as each class has its' own requirements.

ALL CLASSES - Hair should be pulled away from the face and neck at all times.  All dance shoes should not be worn outside the dance studio.

INTRO - Any comfortable attire that you can easily move in.  No jeans and dragging pants.

STUDIO MEMBERS - Workout attires.  No loose fitting garments.  No dangling jewelry.

COMPANY MEMBERS - Practice uniforms (please refer to your company manual..


Although most of this is common sense, it is helpful to set everything out in print so that everyone has an understanding.

TARDINESS - Dancers will arrive on time for practice.  Anyone arriving later than 15 minutes may not be permitted to participate.  The first 15 minutes are crucial to warm up time which prevents injuries.

ATTENDANCE - Consistent attendance is crucial for progress. 

UNDERAGE - Dancers under the age of 18 will not leave the premises.  Parents need to collect their dancers promptly.

RESPECT - All dancers should respect their instructors and fellow dancers.  No talking during class, no negative comments and no sitting down unless authorized by the instructor.  Students should not correct each other.



Observation of training and practices is not permitted without the authorization of the company director.  Focus in training is important to ensure that the lesson is learned in a confident and capable manner.  We appreciate your support and understanding of this policy.

Audio/Video Recording

To protect the integrity and intellectual property of the company, audio and video recording of drills and conditioning is not allowed.  Directions and guidance in person allow for proper correction by the instructor which videos cannot provide.

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